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Service Project 2013

This years' Service Project will benefit the Pastor Training International.

It is time to once again begin to think about our annual Service Project.  This is our twenty-fifth school sponsored opportunity for the students to earn some money for the specific purpose of giving to the needs of others.  This year we have chosen an organization called Pastor Training International. The purpose of this UK based organization is to provide pastoral training and materials to some of the world’s poorest pastors. Many of these men pastor churches on the continent of Africa. We learned of this effort this past spring when one of our missionaries visited Carlisle and told us of his opportunity to teach some of these men. David Vaughn, ARBCA church planter in France, reported,

“I have gone the last two years to train a group of 170 pastors in one denomination in Burkina Faso.  We meet in a little village with no electricity, no running water, and no toilets.  Some of these men told us that their monthly salary as pastor was $5.  Virtually all of them with a couple exceptions have to raise crops or have cows or goats in order to make enough money to live.”

Currently it costs $24.15 for one of these pastors to travel and receive a week’s worth of theological and pastoral training. I believe that it would be a reasonable goal for us to collect and send enough money to give twenty-five of the world’s poorest pastors a week’s worth of this valuable training. So please talk with your students and plan to help them find a way to earn a little something to donate toward our goal of $600 for this organization.

Local Mission:

Once again this year, we will collect canned and boxed food items.  The items will be added to the holiday food baskets that Grace Baptist Church Youth Group distributes to the residents of James Wilson Safe Harbor. 

Please use this opportunity to teach your children about the blessing and obedience of giving to those in need.  Send money to the school office in envelopes designated “Service Project.”  Please place food items in the kitchen.


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