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Visual Fine Arts Results

Front left to right: Meredith Hinthorn, Katherine Manti, Josie Hurst, Shawn Orner
Back:  Verity Stine, Alyssa Endres, Jeffrey Endres,  Gabrielle Silvious, Kaylin Kimmel, Garret Myers, Noah Rasmus
Art Objects:
Verity Stine for Kumihimo, Excellent
Alyssa Endres for Copper and Aqua, Excellent

Assembled Art:
Jeffrey Endres for Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith, Excellent
Gabrielle Silvious for Fishers of Men, Excellent

7/8 Image Capture
Kaylin Kimmel for Nature's Camouflage, Superior
Josie Hurst for Shining Through, Superior

5/6 Image Capture
Meredith Hinthorn for Living Words, Superior
Katherine Manti for Girl and Dog, Superior

Nature and Observation:
Shawn Orner for God's Creation, Superior
Garrett Myers for Weeping Willow, Excellent

Narratives & Storeytelling
Noah Rasmus, Excellent

Best of Show

Josie Hurst, for Shining Through


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