Spelling Bee Winners 2013

Front left to right:  Josie Hurst, 3rd place; Emma Van Grouw, champion;  Alexis Rickrode, 2nd place

Back:  5th & 6th Grade winners: Gabrielle Silvious, 3rd place; Danielle Pfeiffer, 1st place; Jeffrey Endres, 2nd place


The 2013 Spelling Bee started on Friday, Feb. 15, with 41 students. The Bee determines a school champion. We also determine place winners for the 5th/6th grade level, as well as for the 7th/8th grade level. It took eleven rounds to determine a 5th/6th winner in addition to the three finalists for the 7th/8th grade level. Daniel Pfieffer earned first place by being successful through 10 rounds. Jeffrey Endres finish second after winning a runoff with Gabrielle Silvious. He correctly spelled kindergarten and definition to earn 2nd place.

In the upper level, Josie Hurst finished in third place. After Chapel on Wednesday, Feb 20th, Alexis Rickrode and Emma VanGrouw squared off for the school championship. Emma correctly spelled alternative and comparative to earn the overall school championship.


Congratulations to each of the place winners!


Carlisle Area School District Science Fair 2nd Place Grand Champion

Congratulations to the Carlisle Area  Science Advisory Committee Fair (CASAC) participants.  Congratulations to Julia Ledgett who won 2nd place Grand Champion!  All participants  are commended for their effort and success.

Elementary Division 

(grades 4-5)
Julia Dimino, 1st
Madison Morrow, 3rd
Mattingly Brummer, HM


Junior Division

(grades 6-8)
Ryan Godfrey, 1st
Julia Ledgett, 1st
Noah Beck, 2nd
Joey Dimino, 2nd
Alyssa Endres, 2nd
Emma Van Grouw, 2nd
Josie Hurst, 3rd
Vera Ivanyutin, 3rd
Quinton Myers, 3rd
Erik Praestgaard, 3rd
Garrett Myers, HM
Emily Reisinger, HM
Alexis Rickrode, HM
Elise Rudder, HM



Pictures from the performance of Christiana's Journey November 16, 2012


Geography Bowl 2012


Congratulations to 8th grader Erik Praestgaard for winning the Geography Bowl two years in a row! On Friday, December 7, 2012, Erik outlasted 6th grader Andrew Clancy by correctly answering two of the three championship round questions. Seventh grader Verity Stine finished third.  Erik will now prepare for a written qualifying test for the PA State Bee to be held in March.

Front row:  4th grade winners, Julia Dimino and Mattingly Brummer; 5th grade winners, Jeffrey Endres and Seth Auger

Back row:  6th grade winner and 2nd place overall, Andrew Clancy; 8th grade winner, Emma Van Grouw; 8th grade winner and champion, Erik Praestgaard; 6th grade winner, Nathan Harding; 7th grade winner and 3rd place overall, Verity Stine; 7th grade winner, Matthew Praestgaard


School Calendar Change

Thursday and Friday, November 8th and 9th are now regular full days of school to make up the two days lost during Hurricane Sandy.

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