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Pictures from the performance of Christiana's Journey November 16, 2012


Geography Bowl 2012


Congratulations to 8th grader Erik Praestgaard for winning the Geography Bowl two years in a row! On Friday, December 7, 2012, Erik outlasted 6th grader Andrew Clancy by correctly answering two of the three championship round questions. Seventh grader Verity Stine finished third.  Erik will now prepare for a written qualifying test for the PA State Bee to be held in March.

Front row:  4th grade winners, Julia Dimino and Mattingly Brummer; 5th grade winners, Jeffrey Endres and Seth Auger

Back row:  6th grade winner and 2nd place overall, Andrew Clancy; 8th grade winner, Emma Van Grouw; 8th grade winner and champion, Erik Praestgaard; 6th grade winner, Nathan Harding; 7th grade winner and 3rd place overall, Verity Stine; 7th grade winner, Matthew Praestgaard


School Calendar Change

Thursday and Friday, November 8th and 9th are now regular full days of school to make up the two days lost during Hurricane Sandy.


Performance of Christiana's Journey November 16, 2012

The entire student body is featured in the performance of Christiana's Journey at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Friday, November 16.  Students in every grade will be included in the performance.  In addition to musical presentations, the choir and ensembles will also perform selections.  Family and friends are welcome to attend the program.


Scholarship Benefit Golf Tournament Scheduled

Our 13th annual Golf Tournament that benefits the school's Scholarship Fund has been scheduled.   Please join us on Tuesday, June 11th at the Mayapple Golf Links.  The festivities will start at 8:00 AM.  The format will be a four man scramble.  You can arrange your own foursome or we can arrange one for you. Information on how to register will be posted closer to the event, so stayed tuned--but tell your friends and neighbors by printing a flyer.


Spelling Bee Champions 2012

     The 2012 Spelling Bee in February took 16 rounds to produce two finalists.  Elise Rudder and Noah Drobel participated in the championship round before Noah Drobel finally prevailed.  This marks Noah's second year as school champion.

Pictured are the level winners. 5th & 6th  back row:  3rd, John Trayer; 2nd Matthew Praestgaard; and 1st Verity Stine

7th & 8th front row:  2nd, Elise Rudder; 1st and Champion, Noah Drobel; 3rd, Alexis Rickrode


Creation Science Museum Field Trip

April 28-30, 2011 the GBCS 7th and 8th grade classes went on a three day field trip to visit the Creation science Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and the Aquarium in Newport.

The Creation Science Museum was opened to the public in May 2007. Visitors are presented with a variety of written and electronic displays and presentations that support the Creation story as outlined in the first three chapters of the book of Genesis.

Some field trips are considered small and routine while others stretch the concept of field trip to the limit. It is this second type of trip that the 7th and 8th grade students of Grace Baptist experienced recently. This field trip took them to Petersburg, KY for a visit to the Creation Museum. The three-day trip allowed for a full day visit to the Christian alternative to the standard natural science museum where only an evolutionary view is touted and displayed.

The Answers in Genesis museum was opened to the public in May 2007. Visitors are presented with a variety of written and electronic displays and presentations that support the Creation story as outlined in the first three chapters of the book of Genesis.

The Grace students began their visit with a 30 minute planetarium showing that identified the components of space along with their relative sizes compared to our earth, sun, and galaxy. The current idea of the shape of the universe including the Band of Avoidance was displayed to help the viewer evaluate the vastness of the known creation. A tour of the nine museum rooms followed. Among The rooms visited included displays that explained the Biblical view of the six days of creation, the creation of Adam and Eve, the story of the fall of man, and the story of the flood with a full size segment of Noah’s ark. There is also a room dedicated to the redemption of man as wrought by Jesus Christ. The tour is built on the outline of the history of the earth as follows: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Valuable maps, charts and videos featured the geologic changes that resulted from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. These cataclysmic changes took place in a very short period of time, so they demonstrate how a worldwide flood altered the shape of the earth.

The trip to the museum was followed by a trip to the Newport Aquarium in nearby Newport, KY. This visit allowed the students to examine the great variety of sea creatures that fill our oceans and rivers. The colors, sizes, shapes, and physical features of the water life supported the theme introduced at the Creation Museum. That theme is that there is great variety within the unity of each kind.

Comments from students:

Seventh grader Tyler Douglas wrote that the Creation Museum was amazing. Eighth grader Sofie Praestgaard wrote that the Creation museum helped clarify, confirm, and expand the Christian’s understanding of Creation. Fellow eighth grader, Morgan Parry added that she was truly impressed by the greatness of our Creator.
Gareth Schuth, the middle school science teacher added the following: “The Creation Museum does an extraordinary job portraying the biblical account of creation in a way that upholds both scriptural and scientific integrity. In an academic culture that does not take the biblical account of creation seriously, The Creation Museum aptly shifts the burden of proof to the skeptics of the Genesis account. Our students returned home more affirmed in the fact that faith and science are not mutually exclusive.”
Field trips come, and field trips go, but this trip added another tremendous building block in the minds of the Grace students.


2011 Geography Bowl


Congratulations to Erik Praestgaard, 7th grader for winning the 2011 Geography Bowl.  Erik outlasted 8th grader Andrew Lucas by correctly answering two of the three championship round questions.  Andrew's brother, 5th grader, Ethan, finished third.  Erik will now prepare for a written qualifying test for the PA State Bee to be held in March, 2012.
Front row:  4th grader winners, Brian Trayer and Jeffrey Endres; 8th grade winner and 2nd place over all, Andrew Lucas; 7th grade winner and Champion, Erik Praestgaard; 5th grade winner and 3rd place overall, Ethan Lucas; 6th grade winners, Matthew Praestgaard and CJ Reisinger.
Back row: 5th grade winner, Kaitlyn Stine; 7th grade winner, Josie Hurst; 8th grade winner, Noah Drobel

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